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The story behind our Digital Marketing Agency

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Lionhead marketing was funded as a Digital Marketing Agency. Our goal is to offer Digital Marketing solutions to businesses that wish to enter in the digital world through the most popular communication channels where the consumer tendencies can be found. On the other hand, one of our priorities is to optimize digital campaigns to get our clients the best results from their chosen marketing strategies.


The team that makes it all happen.

Our agency team helps your business grow online leads, calls and revenue.. We keep ourselves in continuous training so we can provide you with with perfect skills. We help ambitiuos companies bring digital to the centre of business thinking, to tackle the most complex challenges they face today.

Oliver Barajas Rodríguez General Director

SEO and SEM Specialist

Orlando Iván Hernández Graphic Designer

Graphic Design and Photography Expert

Adrián Rodríguez Hernández Animación

Web Design and Animation

Start your marketing strategy today!

Lionhead Marketing is a straightforward-thinking digital agency providing five core services: Web Design, Marketing Automation, Graphic Design, SEO and SEM. We provide all the flexibility and communication of a boutique agency combined with capability of improving your business performance. We are dedicated to transparency, communication, and results.

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